SAT or ACT score?

<p>Hi guys, Im applying to the UC's and confused on which scores to send
I got a 2110 on the SAT with 570 in reading, 770 in writing and 770 in maths
Do UC's consider SAT writing equal to reading and math?
On the ACT, I got a 29 once with 29 english, 34 maths, 22 reading, and 32 science.
second time I got a 30 with a 33 english, 32 maths, 24 reading and 31 science.
Im a maths and science guy so Im confused which act score is better.
anyway should i send ACT or SAT score and which one?</p>

<p>I think special weight is put on your math and science scores if you're going directly into a major that requires them. For example, if you know you want to go into engineering and apply directly to the college of engineering, then the highest math and science scores will look better. However, if the UC you're applying to doesn't mention that they look at specific subject scores during admissions, then sending your best score would be the better option.</p>