SAT or ACT scores?

<p>I'm curious as to what scores I should submit, (if I should submit different scores to different schools that hold diferant regards for the test) and if I should retake, and if so what test?</p>

<p>First off as of now what score is better</p>

<p>SAT 1820 (M 670 V 560 W 590)</p>

<p>ACT 26 (E 26 M 30 R 21 S 28)</p>

<p>Common since says the SAT is slightly better, however I think it is obvious that something went horribly wrong in my ACT reading section bringing my composite down from 28 to 26. Which should I submit?</p>

<p>and Should I retake for these five schools? (which are my top 5 choices, I want to get into at least one of them, hopefully as many as possible, but I have safeties as well): Wisconsin, Texas, Washington, Pitt, Ohio State</p>

<p>and if I do retake what test. I did a little bit of studying for the SAT (mostly practice tests) , but my studying for the ACT was minimal (one practice math section). what test should I retake if I do?</p>