SAT or ACT which do you like?

<p>Im taking the ACT this weekend, but the more I think about it, if I end up taking the SAT I can really just focus one one of the two subjects at a time, instead of studying for, four on the act.</p>

<p>Each test appeals to different skill areas - take both to see which one you perform better on.</p>

<p>I liked the ACT a lot better. On my Sat I got a 1330 and on my ACT a 31. I know it depends on the individual, but it seems like everyone in my area - rural MInnesota - does better on the ACT. My school has somewhat of a hick town vocabulary and so I think students in our area usually do poorly on the SAT verbal.</p>

<p>If math isn't really your thing, then you might do better on the ACT, since only 1/4 of the test is on math. Also, many people who do well in English tend to score well in Reading as well. Personally, I found the ACT much easier to master over repeated testings, since the same concepts are tested each time. The SAT, especially the Math test, just slapped me around without me realizing it. The SAT math is seemingly simple, but full of little tricks, and some people (like me) just don't have the right mind for catching those tricks. BTW, I'm quite biased toward the ACT because I live in IL and I did a lot better on it. (35 as opposed to a 1440)</p>

<p>I like the ACT a lot better too. Although I'm glad to see analogies go on the SAT!!</p>

<p>I did pretty similarly on both, but I know if I took the ACT again, I would be significantly higher. I do better on the grammar section on the ACT (i'm really good at correcting that). I don't have the right SAT vocabulary, and those 15 minute verbal readings kill me. The MAIN thing to watch for with the ACT is your science reasoning - you ALWAYS run out of time!! It's not difficult, but watch your time.</p>

<p>everyone i know said even if they liked the sat better, they scored better on the act</p>

<p>well, after my sub-par second performance on the SAT (1360 first time, 1370 second time), I favor the ACT grade-wise (32 composite first time, retaking this saturday). I find that it's easier as well with respect to the math and the english. I had trouble with the reading the first time around, but I think I solved that problem. I'm not sure about science... I got a 36 the first time, but all of my tests as of late have been around 28s for science. I guess I'll have to read that section of the Princeton Review book and hope for the best. Good luck to all this Saturday!</p>

<p>What exactly is on the ACT? They hardly offer it in new york, so I didn't have a choice, but do you think it's easier?</p>