<p>Is this true that you can choose one or the other? Also did anyone put multiple AP test on the pre application? Thank you.</p>

<p>I believe some combination of APs or IB exams used to be acceptable, but no longer. Its now either SAT 1, ACT or 3 SAT 2's.</p>

<p>from this Middlebury web site: Requirements</a>, Fees & Deadlines</p>

Candidates must submit standardized tests and may select from a menu of three different test options. The requirement may be met by submitting either the ACT; or the SAT I administered on or after March 12, 2005; or three SAT II exams in different areas of study.


<p>what does "different areas of study" mean? My SAT IIs are Spanish (800) French (800) and Biology (750). Are spanish and french considered to be the same area of study? I believe that I can supplement two of my SATIIs with an AP Score though if I have to</p>