SAT or SAT Subject Tests?

If I have a score of 1560 (780 math, 780 reading) on my SAT, is it worth improving that to a 1570+ (I feel that I can improve my math to perhaps an 800) or should I take SAT Subject Tests (I’m thinking of taking Math Lvl 2 and Chemistry and try to get 800s)? Note: I’m applying to universities like the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, Rice, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, etc.

No reason to retake a 1560. If you get rejected with a 1560, you would likely be rejected with a 1600.

Everyone always assumes that their score will go up when they take more tests. When my DS took his SAT two years ago a 780 EBRW would have been impossible because 1 wrong was a 770.

The difference between a 1560 and anything higher is near zero. Very, very near.