SAT percentiles from CB

<p>ok, so the scores for each colleges shows that middle 50% right? so the low would be 25%tile and high would be 75%tile right? so looking at Notre Dame for ex.)</p>

<p>CR: 650 - 750
M: 680 - 760
W: 640 - 730</p>

<p>this pretty much means that the bottom 25% kids got 1970 and lower while the top25% got 2240+, right? just making sure i understand what the percentile stuff means</p>

<p>thanks for any help. =)</p>

<p>Yup /10char</p>


<p>You can't just total the scores like that. Lots of people admitted have a high score in one section and a relatively low score in another. Look at Yale; its 75th percentiles for CR, M, W respectively are 800/780/790. Doesn't mean that 25% of their class has a 2370+; there are hardly that many in the nation (even before taking away all the other 2370+s going to dozens if not hundreds of other schools).</p>

<p>thanks for that, i had a feeling the way i was thinking of it wasn't right. </p>

<p>so how would i be able to tell what percent of kids got a 2240+? (if its possible to find out)</p>

<p>you wouldn't, unless the school provides information about the total SAT score.</p>


<p>Wow I never thought of it that way. I guess schools do that on purpose (perpetuate that rumor). I guess I'm lucky to have scores so closely bunched, haha</p>

<p>oh, i see. </p>

<p>so if a person has scores that are all around the 75%tile, then would that person have pretty strong SAT scores for that college?</p>

<p>From what I've heard it depends on their ethnicity/if they have other hooks...</p>

<p>im not asking if your automatically gonna get in if your at the 75%tile but whether your SAT scores would be one of your strong points for a school if you're at 75%tile</p>

<p>Yeah, if you're at the 75th percentile in all three sections your total is probably in an even higher percentile and you're pretty good for that college in terms of SAT scores only.</p>

<p>^ Chubster has seen one too many ivy posts. If you are at 75%ile for schools like Notre Dame, USC, etc. then you have a good shot at being accepted assuming other factors are above average and no major faults like suspensions, felonies etc. </p>

<p>At ivies and other super selective colleges 75%ile is meaningless because many applicants are at that level as well.</p>

<p>^^^ what? How can all applicants be at that level? There wouldn't be anybody to make up the scores below the 75th percentile if all students were at that level.</p>