SAT Physics

<p>Hi, I'm a junior taking regular physics. So far, we've done projectile motion, Newton's Laws, friction, circular motion, and centripetal force. I know the physics test covers way more than that, so I'm planning to take it in June. My question is: Is it hard to do well on this test if I haven't taken AP Physics? Can I get above a 700?</p>

<p>I took it as a senior after taking only Physics one my sophomore year. I took one practice test and got a 660, which is average. A 700 isn’t that great. A good score is 750+</p>

<p>You do not need AP Physics to do well on the SAT II. Assuming your physics syllabus covers all the topics of the SAT II, it is certainly possible to score above 700.</p>

<p>How hard is it to get a 750+?</p>

<p>Considering the fact that you can get around 8-10 wrong out of the 75 questions on the SAT Subject Test for Physics and still get an 800, it shouldn’t be that hard if you study the material and study from practice books such as Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Barrons, for there is room to make silly errors on the test. Also, the subject tests are more manipulative of a more specific material, so sometimes it might be easier to cut down on small mistakes if you focus purely on the questions.</p>

<p>Okay, that makes me feel better. I have Princeton Review so I’ll be studying the review material. Thanks!</p>