SAT- Plz help me out!

<p>I have no idea what to study for SAT. I just moved to USA last month and now Im so lost. I've registered for the October SAT and I really don't know what book to buy or what to practice. I borrowed Princeton Review SAT from school library and I scored CR 510 and 510 on the maths section. But I need to score above 650 in both the sections to get admitted in a certain program. Please help me out! Im really not understanding how to prepare for this test. Do I have to memorize all the vocabulary words? And whats the best way to improve score on the maths section? Im really stressed out. Please help me out!</p>

<p>You'll have to practice more, get used to the questions. Make sure that PR book you're using is for the new SAT, too. If you have the money, sign up for an SAT prep course because you seem pretty lost. I would recommend the Official SAT book by collegeboard . . . it's the giant blue one.</p>