SAT Prep Books

<p>After taking today's test I've realized that I need to prepare more. I've taken classes at Elite, and I understand most of the concepts but my scores are not as high as I want them to be. On practice tests my scores in all subjects are around 630 and I'm wondering what book I should get that would help me the most. I'm looking for books that would help me on the writing and math sections.</p>

<p>I'm planning to buy: </p>

<p>-The blue book for practice tests,
- Grubbers SAT GUIDE 2012
- Barron's Sat</p>

<p>I've read the <a href=""&gt;;/a> thread but it's made me even more confused. What should I study from each book? What should I avoid (e.g. Baron's vocab list) ?Are there any other books I should consider (RR = 500$ and I don't have that much money). Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>you can check out</a> a Parenting and Education Resource for excerpts from RR. I found it really helpful especially the test-taking strategies about slowing down.</p>

<p>for SAT Vocab the best book to buy is Direct Hits, its way better than the flashcards you get in the barron's, although you should still use them. Its just that DH has the most frequent SAT words, so you're sure to see them on the SAT.</p>

<p>eg on my SAT today (int'l) diffident, vituperate, quixotic were some of the SAT words and they weren't in the flashcards in Barron's</p>

<p>Definitely buy the blue book, it'll be worth it for the practice tests. Personally, I studied with Barron's workbook for each subject and not the big Barron's book. The CR workbook was decent, though the practice tests weren't the best and it didn't offer much help. Math was completely unedited, so I would steer clear of Math Barron's workbook.</p>

<p>However, I would definitely recommend the Barron's writing workbook. It has over 80 pages that just goes through all the grammar rules one by one and is filled with lots of practice questions. Helped me get a 740 writing this October.</p>

<p>Another word of advice is not to buy Kaplan. Kaplan is often unedited, has mistakes, and the tests aren't very good. In fact, some of the tests are copied straight from the blue book.</p>

<p>Good luck with the studying, and hope you do well!</p>

<p>blue book is only book</p>

<p>Thanks DMA017 and cheerioswithmilk, you're information helped me a lot and I'll be sure to look at some of the sections with the RR and the Barron's separate subjects, but does anyone recommend Gruber's? or any other book?</p>

<p>Do NOT use Gruber's for Writing. Awful.</p>

<p>I thought that Gruber's was great for both the essay and grammer? Is it any good for math? and thanks :o</p>

<p>If you understand the concepts then the only thing to do is to take practice test. maybe during testing you are not so prepared for the limited amount of timing.. it happens. you should get a book that contains LOTS of practice test. and keep doing them till you get the hang of going through the questions quickly, but enough that you dont make little mistakes.</p>

<p>I heard that Gruber's math was excellent, though I think that was the separate workbook and not the big Gruber book. Silverturtle also has an SAT guide posted as a sticky, which can be downloaded as a PDF. I haven't looked through his guide, but a 2400 speaks for itself. And just a heads up, its a complete guide, like 110 pages.</p>

<p>Thanks for the tips, these are really helpful!</p>