SAT Prep Books

<p>Ok, I have in total 3 prep books so far, the blue book, the Barron's preparing for the SAT book and the sparknotes 10 practice tests book. </p>

<p>I'm taking the SAT in May, so I was wondering if you guys could give me advice on which book to use first?? People usually say save the blue book for last, but I don't know...</p>


<p>i used some PR cracking the sat and then did some blue bookage</p>

<p>got a 2150+, so it worked out ok</p>

<p>gona retake though, this time im gona use the PR 11 practice tests cause they come with explanations, and because i had a friend that used PR practice tests after doing some blue bookage and got a 2390</p>

<p>after doing a few PR tests i may go back to blue bookage (i only have like 3.5 blue book tests left) and see if PR really did help on the real thing</p>

<p>no expert though, but u seem desperate for a response</p>

<p>I did the all but one in the Barrons and i did CollegeBoard ones</p>

<p>the CollegeBoard is prob. going to be the most accurate as you can get.. the Barrons is much harder than the real test. i am getting significantly lower grades in the barrons than in the CB.</p>

<p>as my math tutor said... Barrons is much harder and CB is just slightly harder than the real test</p>

<p>i have heard that sparknotes is accurate but i cant confirm that</p>

<p>I used the PR book and did the 3 practice tests. Apparently, they're harder than the actual SATs, so once I got to March, I saw a decent boost between the scores on the practice tests and the actual result.</p>

<p>Personally, I like going over PR's strategies, then looking at the Blue Book's explanation of concepts, then taking the PR tests (the answers to which are explained).</p>

<p>just a quick question, is the "bluebook" actually called the Official SAT study Guide by College Board?? I've been trying to look for the "bluebook" but I couldn't find it at the bookstore.</p>

<p>yeah. That's the blue book. People call it the blue book since it's blue. How clever. lol</p>

<p>Is Sparknotes good?????????</p>

<p>Burn the Sparknotes book. Barron's is decent, although some of the questions (Math, in particular) can be inaccurate in style and representativeness. In general, using official CB materials (Blue Book, Online Course, QAS booklets, "old SAT" books and tests) is the best idea.</p>

<p>If you want books that provide solid content and strategies or need supplemental books with fairly realistic questions (or challenging questions), I would recommend the following:</p>

<li> Rocketreview Revolution. Good content and strategies.</li>
<li> Princeton Review's 11 Practice Tests for the SAT. The CR and Writing questions are the most realistic; the Math is not bad, but the style is a little off and the questions can be too easy.</li>
<li> Gruber's. The Math questions can be fairly challenging, although the questions are not the most realistic; do NOT use the CR questions at all.</li>
<li> Kaplan's SAT 2400. Tough questions. The Math section is probably the strongest.</li>
<li> Barron's SAT 2400. Again, tough questions. The Math section is not as comprehensive as that in the Kaplan book.</li>
<li> Testmasters Solutions (for the Blue Book) -- order this directly from the Testmasters website. Use this book if you do not have the Online Course (which also provides explanations for all the tests in the Blue Book).</li>

<p>That should be sufficient for now.</p>

<p>Quick question: which Princeton Review book is better? 11 Practice Tests for the SAT or Cracking the SAT.</p>