SAT prep class???

<p>My parents really want me to take an SAT prep class. are there any out there that are really worth it? i took the June 6th SATs (they were my first) and i got a 1740 with a 10/12 on my essay. I got that w/o doing anything to prep. is there any really effective way of studying on your own. i learn best by listening to things like making them into a song or something i don't think this will work for the SATs but if anyone has any tips please let me know!
Thank you</p>

<p>Not worth it IMO. If you've never prepped before than your score can increase greatly with just a few practice tests. Invest in the blue book and practice, practice, practice</p>

<p>It really isn't worth it for the money. As the above poster suggested, its best to just buy the Blue Book and practice. You should also check out the Xiggi Method and Grammatix if you haven't already. </p>

<p>Some really good books to order would be Grubers (for Math), Rocket Review (for CR) and Direct Hits (for Vocab). Good luck!</p>

<p>It's not "s**t," it's the truth. A motivated, intelligent student studying alone can achieve just as much as, if not more than, a student who takes a prep class. And I'm not quite sure how classes will "institutionalize" the SAT into a "person." People can be very unpredicatable; the SAT is not.</p>

<p>I second jamesford (and many others who share the same opinion); prep courses are virtually useless for the vast majority of test-takers. Studying alone (preferably from the Blue Book) allows you to personalize your preparation, focus your attention on those questions that you perennially miss (while not wasting time on "gimme" questions), and gives you the opportunity to construct your own test-taking methods. I really don't want to hear about how reading the thesis and the first sentence of every paragraph followed by skimming the questions for straight factual recall problems or some other equally convoluted method will improve my performance on CR or any other sections. Unless you're having serious issues with content (as in you still struggle with basic algebra and plane geometry or you're literally incapable of deconstructing and analyzing basic English grammar), prep courses will be of little benefit. However, you're free to do as you please (just don't criticize us [<em>cough</em> Rishmeister <em>cough</em>] for expressing our opinions).</p>

<p>it really depends on how much self-discipline u have...but to be honest, prep classes are worth it. my brother took it and before it he had 1730 on his SAT. after attendin classes for the entire summer, he raised it to a 2100. they give u a lot of useful packets to study and a long list of vocabs that appear on the sat. and besides, u r not only studyin for the sat but u r also developin readin and writin skills. it's always good to learn</p>

<p>Unfortunately, for all of his rather strong language, Rish is wrong. While a prep course may be beneficial for low scorers, any motivated, semi-intelligent student can improve the fastest by self studying. After the 2000 mark, any increases from the materials taught at prep courses (POR) will be minimal.</p>