SAT prep for SSAT?

I have one last scheduled SSAT test coming up veerrry soon. I think if I don’t get an overall 90%ile+ I won’t submit them since I think they’ll hurt more than help.

Currently I’m using the official online prep but it hasn’t seemed to help as much as I wanted it to. I have a Kaplan 2017-2018 SAT prep book, and several (many, actually) of my teachers recommend me using it. Would it improve my chances or would I spend way too much time on things not actually on the SSAT?

From my experience, only the reading sections of the SAT and SSAT are similar. The math on the SAT is much more advanced and there is no verbal section of the SAT. I think you could use the SAT prep book for the reading section but there really wouldn’t be any point in using it for math and verbal. I haven’t used SAT prep material as much though, so I might be wrong. Good luck on your test!

I would not use an SAT book to prep for the SSAT’s. My kids scored very well on the SSAT without prep of any kind. The oldest has done some minimal review for the SAT/PSAT. ( Mainly to get it over with on the first try). They are not alike at all.
The SSAT tests for 8th graders. The test is very easy in terms of material vs. the SAT which covers much higher-level work.
Also, my kids did not study vocab for the SSAT ( some of their friends did). This is not something that appears on the SAT to any large degree.

Get an SSAT book.

Borrow an SSAT book.

You should be able to get one from the public library (interlibrary loan is a wonderful thing).

I don’t really think test prep helps with math so if that’s the issue not sure how to help. Nor does it help with reading comprehension, that is something that you have been learning for 13 years. Where test prep can really help is the vocab/analogy part because those are tricky and you need to prep for the skill of figuring out the analogy.

@one1ofeach While test prep won’t help if you don’t know the content, it does help to calm the test taker by familiarizing them with the test’s structure, knowing their strengths/weaknesses, and how to best manage time.

I actually did much better on the GRE than the SAT. Why? Because I understood the structure of the exam better.

Actually, test prep does help improve reading scores. It teaches how to approach the passages. Most kids just read the passage from beginning to end and then start answering the questions. That is not the best approach. STEM kids in particular do much better on the reading sections with a little targeted test prep.

I agree @stalecookies. My DD did extremely well on the SAT in 7th. The MS had a weekly CTY club, so she was familiar with the test.
In general she is a good test taker, but did not do well on the SSAT. She didn’t prep and the lack of familiarity of the format threw her for a loop. She had no issue finishing the SAT, but wasn’t able to finish the SSAT and that was the difference. I’m sure she would have done much better if she prepared, was more confident and knew how to manage her time.

She would tell the OP that despite doing so well on the SAT, she wished she prepped specifically for the SSAT.

I think the reading sections correspond the most. Otherwise, I don’t think there is a lot of overlap. My son prepped a lot for SAT and regularly scores highly. In fact, I was planning on submitting the scores instead of SSAT. But his registration keeps getting dumped. He definitely scored lower on the SSAT than SAT.