SAT Prep....

I am going to be taking the June SAT. I am not in school anymore so I am able to dedicate close to 100% of my time to studying. (Which I have been because I really want a good score!)
I didn’t go to a very good school, so I am having to learn a lot of concepts I’m either very unfamiliar with, or am complete inept to.
I have been doing what prep scholar recommends and have been taking the CB tests and going rigorously over all the questions I got wrong.(I am almost out of tests, what do you are out of tests?) But I was wondering if anyone had any other tips?
I want to score fairly high–esp. For scholarships (and maybe even for an edge when applying to highly selective schools) so I really appreciate any advice!
What is your best advice for achieving a perfect/near perfect score the first time?

Practice practice! Your score won’t increase unless you do so, but you should practice smartly. While practicing, make sure you’re actually absorbing that information and read thoroughly.

Do you have any tips on how to ‘practice smartly’?
I could really use all the help I can get!!!

I think “practicing smartly” means making notes of the mistakes you make. You are not going to improve if you just keep on practicing without knowing where you make mistakes.

Thanks for you kind words!
I have a notebook where I am jotting down the question, the answer, what I did wrong, and how I’ll approach any similar questions when I’m faced with them.
I hope this will be enough!
Thank you all for you advice!