Hi! I’m an incoming Sophomore and I kind of just want to get started now for prepping for the SAT, so I was wondering how should I start it? I do have in mind KhanAcademy but I’m also trying to see other resources as well. If you guys can and list some that would be great!!

College Confidential recently covered this topic in an article that may help answer your question. You can also find some free practice test. Read more here:


Sometimes it can be helpful to study with a group and an instructor to keep you motivated and on track. We are hosting a really awesome live online SAT course starting this Sunday September 6th if you might be interested. It runs 8 weeks. Email me at if you want to learn more!

UWorld is a great online resource with over 2000 SAT practice questions. The questions are modeled after the exam and provide detailed explanations with illustrations to help you master the content. You can also choose the difficulty level of the questions to maximize your study time.
As a former admissions counselor, I often remind students to focus on what you DON’T know instead of what you DO know. It’s easier to just answer questions you already know the answers to. But if you will take the time to really read the explanations and figure out why you missed it, then when you see a similar question on the actual exam, you will more than likely get it correct. Best of luck!