SAT prep?

<p>How are you guys studying for the October SATs?</p>

<p>signed up for teh free official sat online prep course by entering my schoolcode... saving of more than 60 dollars, sahhhweeettt!</p>

how did u sign up for it?????
i am taking the exam in October too
and i really need help
cuz i am really hoping to get 2100+</p>

<p>for all you lazy bums that refuse to utilize the omnipotent Google, here is the website for free official sat online course, <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>^ free 4 u</p>

<p>??? you mean it doesn't work for you? you need to click on "register" botton, and then it will ask you for your school code.</p>

<p>Is it free for all schools? I put in my school's CEEB school number, but they said it was invalid. What are they looking for?</p>

<p>Does anyone know what school number they're looking for?</p>

<p>Can someone give me their school code?</p>

<p>seriously ppl... let us know what school code we need! is it the same code we used to register for ap/sat?</p>

<p>hm... i did a little research and i believe that your school has to pay for access to the online sat course</p>

<p>how lame - and college board talks about equal access and opportunity to education!</p>

<p>Yea i think we all need a school code for whoever has one.</p>

<p>Google "sat online course school code"</p>

<p>after searching for some in google, i found several. one question though - can we use them? i find it hard to believe that we just type in a google-searched code and we will have access to the course</p>

<p>I seriously have no idea what school code they're talking about. Anyone have an idea?</p>

<p>one would need Georgia school codes. The state of georgia has paid college board 1 million for all of the state's public school students to have free access to the online course.</p>

<p>Thanks i found one Pm me if you need the code(unless its illegal to post it)</p>

<p>It is also illegal to use. :(
The school code you use to register is not the same one used for the SOC(SAT Online Course).
Your school/district has to pay for the SOC.</p>

<p>shoot... why can't my school pay for us to have a code</p>

<p>"college board is a non-profit blah blah"</p>

<p>non-profit my posterior... it just goes to show that if you want to get a good, competitive grade on the sat, you need to fork over a lot of green</p>

<p>What is this school code thing? Are we allowed to purchase it w/o one? Can you help me out. If we can't purchase w/o having one, can you tell me yours.. i tried mine and it doesn't work.</p>