SAT Prep??

<p>Hi guys!
I went to barnes and noble to look for prep books for next years SAT and SAT 2's...( not to mention PSAT and ACT)....but I was wondering what the best review books were for these tests
-Math 2
-Spanish w listening
- chem (maybe)
-SAT (critical reading/ wrting?)</p>

<p>there are soo many prep books!! Barrons looked good, but maybe too indepth? PR looked good too....any advice for a rising junior?</p>

<p>Barrons for math 2 and chem. don't know about the rest :(</p>

<p>Thanks! Have you taken the tests already?</p>

<p>Only chem, math, and u.s :)</p>

<p>Oh man...I don't even want to take all these tests...junio yr = horrible</p>

<p>Well what science classes are you in right now. If you're in chem, it shouldn't be that terrible. And math is quite simple. And yes, junior year is DEATH T.T Thank God the year's almost over! My advice is don't leave everything towards the end, take some of the tests early. Good Luck! :)</p>

<p>Use Barron's for Chem, Math and Bio. Buy the Official College Board Blue Book for the SAT I.</p>

<p>what did you guys get on the Chem and Math SAT for those who used Barron's?</p>

<p>800 on both. Chem last year and Math this year.</p>

<p>holy ***** nicee</p>

<p>Jersey makes me ashamed to say mine :(</p>

what did you guys get on the Chem and Math SAT for those who used Barron's?


<p>I did a bit of work with Barron's for Chemistry and Math Level 2 and also scored 800s.</p>

<p>don't listen to these guys</p>

<p>barrons is ok but loads up on extra material.</p>

<p>my recommendation: if you have the money buy both barrons AND princeton review. p-review is my favorite for learning the material. it is also WAY easier to read and understand than barrons</p>

<p>the difference between barrons and p-review is:</p>

<p>Princeton Review focuses on a technique that makes you UNDERSTAND a small amount of principles and apply them</p>

<p>Barrons focuses on the idea that if you memorize everything you won't be surprised when test day comes</p>

<p>I use P-Review to learn and Barrons to extrapolate on obscure things.</p>

<p>I am doing this for Chemistry and am currently scoring 800's on practice tests. I also did this for Biology E and scored an 800</p>

<p>I used Princeton Review for everything. I scored 790 on chem and 770 on math 2... which does pale in comparison to those who used Barrons.</p>

<p>well the difference here is..</p>

<p>would you rather read a small amount and score well</p>

<p>or read a ton and memorize a TON and get 20 points higher?</p>

<p>imao i have better things to be doing then spending an extra 4 hours cramming organic chemistry material into my brain</p>

<p>I used Cliffs AP Bio for SAT II Bio and I got a 700 flat. It honestly is the best Bio review book imaginable; it also helped me get a 5 on the AP test. </p>

<p>For the SAT, I highly recommend the Princeton Review. I didn't take any prep courses whatsoever; just bought a review book, self studied, and scored above 2000 on my first try. I know that's nothing too impressive, but I think I did well for a first attempt... especially since I did it all by myself, with the help of The Princeton Review. :D</p>

<p>DO NOT use PR for Chem by the way. I used both PR and Barrons, and PR's practice tests are way too easy. When I took the actual thing i felt it was closer to Barrons.</p>

<p>well if we are talking in terms of practice tests..</p>

<p>yeah princeton review tests are too easy. i bought several otehr books just for their practice tests</p>