SAT Preparation Help

<p>I need some confirmation/advice about what my D has been doing:
- do the practice tests tin he collegeboard blue book 2ed
- use the solution book to review what she did wrong
- memorize the vocabulary words from Hit Driect</p>

<p>She did the 3rd test this morning, the score went down to 1800.
The first two test were around 1900.</p>

<p>She had an official SAT score 1850 without much preparation.
But she needs 2200 in order to go to her dream school.</p>

<p>Is she in the right track? Is she using the right resouce?
Should I ask her to take some SAT prep courses?
She is incoming senior. Oct is one of the last chance to take SAT.
And she has college app and AP courses in the rest of the fall.</p>

<p>How does she do on the specific sections?</p>

<p>Test 3 CR 580, M 660, W 560 (essay 4)
Test 2 CR 610, M 690, W 650 (essay 8)
Test 1 CR 590, M 650, W 580 (essay 8)</p>

<p>I guess I am really worried about if she is on the right track to improver her scores.</p>

<p>She doesn't seem to be making any vast improvement. Try the ACT? It's 10x more userfriendly.</p>

<p>Hmmm... does she know the concepts/actively learning them?</p>

<p>what do you mean concepts/actively?</p>

<p>The slash is dividing the phrases. XD</p>

<p>Rephrase: Does she know the concepts or is she actively learning them?</p>

<p>well, she has been studying the collegeboard blue book 2ed
and using the solution book to review what she did wrong.</p>

<p>She also try to memorize the vocabulary words from Hit Driect and does some practice in CR in Barron's book.</p>

<p>I just wonder if she can achive a higher score.</p>

<p>I meant if she knew everything.</p>

<p>For example, if given a math final at school covering the material the the SAT covers (School math up to Alg II), would your daughter know how to do everything?</p>

<p>It's the difference between leaning how to do the test and learning how the do the material on the test. Using BB is great for learning how to do the test and filling in small knowledge gaps, but if you don't know large chunks of material, you need to go review books.</p>

<p>If she does know how to do everything, her school will most likely go up. Continue working on BB. Do a ton of practice tests and then do them again. Go for a perfect score on the second try.</p>

<p>If she doesn't know the actual test material, she better start reviewing.</p>

<p>Prep classes won't help unless she isn't motivated. (see xiggi's guide)</p>