SAT preparation tool, website or book? How did you find the preparation method that suits you?

I need help with two questions. The first one is how to solve this problem. The second is that I started to prepare for the SAT, and I found that some of my classmates used books and others used websites to prepare for the SAT. I don’t know which method is more suitable for me. Can give me some suggestions or share your experience with me. Thanks.

Q:A point (8,2) lies on the graph of the function f in the xy -plane. If t is a constant and f(x)=t−x
, what is the value of t?

Khan academy is free - give it a try. The Black Book for SAT prep was helpful for my dd. It is about test strategy, not content.


I agree with @PB1961 that there is likely little difference between using a book or website. Try them both and see which one you prefer.

Have you taken an official practice test? If you haven’t, take one. It will give you an idea of where you’re likely to score on an actual test.

If you have taken one, how far from your goal score are you? If you’re fairly close, you may just need to take more official practice exams and review those questions you got wrong.

If, though, you’re 100-200+ points from where you’d like to be, then you will have to be more intense in your practice and study.

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Thank you. So how do you allocate time to practice at Khan Academy and The Black Book? Mainly in books or websites?

Thanks for your advice.

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