SAT proctors say CB wants us all to get an equal chance right?

<p>One of the first things the proctor tell us is that the College Board wants everyone taking the SAT to have an equal chance to do their best on the test......</p>

<p>If that were true why would they allow some schools that don't have AC to administer the test? Yesterday I was frying in the summer heat without AC doing my best to focus every minute. </p>

<p>I really regret my late registration, since I could have been able to go to my own school for the test with AC. Regardless of me failing to register early, College Board should seriously put their attention on this if they really want all of us to have an equal chance.....</p>

<p>the same thing happened to me. thinking the school I took it at would be like mine with extreme blasting AC, I wore sweats and a hoodie. big mistake.</p>

<p>Worst part was our proctor brought in her own little mini fan to keep her self comfortable T_T</p>

<p>yeah i know. i didn't know the school i went to wouldn;t have an A/C cuz in march, it was decent there. </p>

<p>i found out later on that like quite a few students from my school signed up to go to a school with A/C. only like half a class full of students were with me from my school and it was so hot. they brought in two fans per room but still...</p>

<p>You can submit a complaint about the facility to Collegeboard I believe...</p>

<p>Yup, I just send a complaint about this ;)</p>

<p>Where can you send a complaint?</p>

<p>I have an even larger complaint. A June SAT is great for those who finish the school year in May, but for those in other states, the June SAT falls right about the time students are gearing up for finals. So if the college board wanted to be fair, they would pay a little closer attention to when they are selecting dates. Give the AP exams in June and leave May for those students who are still in school in June to take their SAT. Reviewing for the AP exams is more like studying for finals so no time crunch and works for those already done.</p>

<p>There are many available dates to take the SAT besides May and June. For many students, the SAT subject tests dovetail well with AP exams in May. No matter when you give it, somebody will have something else going on. For schools that end the year in late May or early June, a June AP schedule (which is two weeks long) is a not feasible. Also, the lengthy AP grading process and the need to get scores out comfortably before colleges begin their semesters makes August score releases not optimal.</p>

<p>I don't particularly like the early May thing either but the schedule isn't without reason.</p>

<p>Also, a good hint when going to a test site you haven't been to before: check it out ahead of time if you think the weather might be an issue (snow, heat, etc).</p>

<p>True there are many other SAT dates but the ones at the end of the year of 11th grade are probably the most popular since you have covered much of the material you are expected to for the test. I believe that seniors are usually the ones who take the SAT a last time in the fall more often. </p>

<p>I also agree with you that someone will always be unhappy with the dates but "feasible" is not exactly the reason. Remember, different states requires different length of school days which is also why some get out earlier. It is just a roll of the dice, nothing set in stone and no real magic why they came up with that number. I know Calif schools require less school days than where we live.</p>

<p>^Yes, there are many different school schedules and quite a few schools are done by late May or early June (many private schools and also public schools that begin their year in mid-August). The AP exams are given nationally and cannot be given on multiple dates. Therefore, how could the AP exams possibly be given in June? (That is what I meant by not feasible.)</p>

<p>I can see that it may complicate things. But since the SAT is offered in June, then obviously testing can be done then. </p>

<p>I think they should do the APs on the week before and after the June SAT date, just the same way the May SAT falls in the middle of APs. Who in their right mind would take them all at once then? It kills the May SAT option for those students.</p>

<p>The Jan SAT falls in the middle of midterms( at least in our area) so it really leaves March as the best choice since June is so close to finals, unless you already finished school in May then June is probably the best choice. So we are now back to my original arguement that the dates are not balanced.</p>

<p>@Nerdlings: Somewhere on the college board site if your looking at the SAT areas you could find a section that lets you email them about problems such as canceling score and complaints.</p>

<p>I sent an email, got a response asking for my info (name, test center,etc) and got another response saying that they will investigate the complaint.</p>

<p>What about large, poor areas? :-/ It's more important to have access to the test than it is to have A/C. They probably wouldn't be able to accommodate everyone if they eliminated those schools.</p>

<p>That does suck though :-(</p>

<p>Poor areas or not that is still irrelevant, since they wanna assure an equal chance for everyone to do their best, not sticking to their word if I'm uncomfortable in heat. So either take that out or fix the problem. ;)</p>

<p>Well I got a response in the mail, and they said the investigation showed that it doesn't affect the validity of my score..... <---- that's not really what i complained about, what i sent the complaint for was the lie were told by the proctor at the beginning of the test.....</p>

<p>I have to select from two choices on the letter on whether or not i want to cancel my scores, I won't be getting my scores on thursday like everyone else I guess........:(</p>

<p>Grow up man, there is no reason to complain, you will get nowhere in life. Not all areas can have AC and just because you find yourself above others doesn't mean you have the right to complain and wish that the schools where the less fortunate would attend should be closed down. I am losing faith in people these days, grow up, not everything is fair in life.
I took the test in Miami with no air conditioning and I still don't go writing complaints to college board crying about the heat. Stop being a little kid.</p>

<p>My 1st. AP test day was very humid, proctor turned AC too cold, I had cold and then fever even had sweater on, and I missed the 2nd. AP test :(</p>

<p>that sucks. to make matters worse we dont get ap scores for a while.</p>