SAT Question

<p>I already took the SAT test 3 times and my best score is a 1310/1600. However, I am trying to qualify for Virginia Tech's Honor Program which requires a minimum of 1350 SAT score. My question is that would it be okay if I take the SAT a 4th time? I know colleges tend to look down on people who take the SAT more than 3 times, however how would colleges know how many times I took the SAT since the college board now has a score choice feature. I potentially also aim to use the re-take score for my transfer applications if I decide to apply to an Ivy League school in the future. Thanks!</p>

<p>One reason a number of colleges will learn of your multiple SAT scores is because you will have to tell them if you apply for admission since they say what Cornell says on its site:</p>

<p>"Please note that Cornell does not participate in the College Board’s Score Choice. When submitting the ACT, SAT, and the required SAT Subject Tests, plan to submit all scores."
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<p>Also, check your high school. Many put all your scores on the official high school transcript that is sent to colleges when you apply for admission.</p>

<p>Thus, do not assume that just because score choice exists with College Board that you will in fact be able to conceal test scores from all colleges to which you may apply. </p>

<p>Nevertheless, taking the test again should not hurt you and seems necessary if you want to qualify for that honors program.</p>

<p>How would colleges know if you sent them all the scores or not? I also applied to Cornell and since I didn't know that they wanted all scores, I only sent them my best. Is it too late to send the other test scores now since its been a month since I submitted my application or is it just not that important?</p>