SAT Registration, When?

On the College Board site it gives the last day one can register late or register normally but does not say when registration starts (can’t sign up yet). My daughter wants to take the SAT in August. Can anyone help me?

Registration for the next academic year does not open until testing for this academic year is complete. Last year, it opened the end of June. Once open, you can register for any date.

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Registration opening for the next test year has ranged from mid-April to early June over the last several years (with a late June possibly-COVID-influenced-outlier last year), with no apparent pattern/consistency.

So just keep looking over the next few weeks.


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Thank you. Crazy it is so random. The test sites fill up quick here which is why I care.


Registration is now open, if you go through the registration process.

The Dates and Deadlines page now has the 2022-23 dates, but not a “Register” button next to them. But go directly to SAT Registration, Register Now, and at the end, dates and locations will be available.

Some international students have reported no seats available - I suspect they just haven’t been allocated yet. But using my daughter’s account, I can sign up for August at her high school.

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Thank you so much!