SAT reports increased test security

Lets hope there is meat to this claim. Collegeboard sent out a report indicating that there will be increased test center audits, expanding the criteria by which they bar registrants from taking the test (ie non college applicants), exploring ways to let schools and colleges know whether some students/facilities have tried to gain unfair advantage, utilizing law enforcement to report test prep companies or individuals who they suspect have received or stolen secure test content, reducing the # of test administrations overseas, etc.

There is mention in the AP article about the increased test security that in 2015 15 Chinese citizens were charged in a conspiracy to have imposters sit for the SAT. Also mentioned is the cancelling of the SAT in China and Macau in 2016. College Board is reducing the number of SAT test overseas. Sounds like the bulk of their security concerns are overseas.

yes, glido, that seems to be correct.

They just need to stop using US SAT tests in International administrations. Just follow the one and done policy and all these breaches will disappear. It is really not fair to US students that scores outside are inflated by cheaters who have access to previous SAT tests.

No, they need to stop reusing tests PERIOD. There should be no repeats of any test in any way, shape, or form. Absolute disgrace to call themselves a non-profit organization. Cut the million dollar salary of the CollegeBoard CEO and then I will believe you.

Also, cutting the international January administration doesn’t do jack but limit the number of times students can take the tests you are recycling CollegeBoard.

Heh, I doubt it. At my testing center (texas), the person didn’t even bother to check our calculators to be cleared (in fact, they didn’t even look at our calculators at all. I could have brought a forbidden calculator and the lazy monitors wouldn’t have noticed). I have a TI-89 (allowed, but it can store word documents) and I could have stored entire pages of information without them even knowing (Of course, I didn’t do so).

This can also be combined with the fact that the room monitor just sat at her desk with her iPhone the entire time. Students were literally flipping through past/future sections, abusing the time constraints, etc. etc. And every time I looked up, the room monitor didn’t even see a single thing (perhaps the only thing she could see was her facebook or something).

Like holy sh*t is the security bad. When I did duke tip 4 years ago, security was bad then, but now it seems to have gone downhill even more.

Another thing they could perhaps improve upon is the ID. They ask for your photo on the ticket but honestly, you could put somebody else’s face. This is supposed to match an ID that your bring yourself, but it looks like they are taking any sort of ID (even the type you can buy online for a couple bucks and slap your photo and a name on it). Probably not that hard for people who want to commit heinous acts.

This. It’s also unfair to the vast majority of international test takers who do not cheat.