SAT Rescheduling

<p>Just wondering, if I signed up for the June SAT test, and I can't take it, can I reschedule it to October? I was wondering because there aren't any other test dates for this school year.</p>

<p>no. once u sign up for an sat ur u cant get a refund or switch test dates.</p>

<p>^ Wrong.</p>

<p>Yes, you can reschedule to October (for a $24 change fee). Try to login and make the change in your online account. If changing to October doesn’t appear as an option, call College Board to get more information. Someone reported here that they were advised October testing wouldn’t be available as a change option until late May.</p>

<p>See, generally, [SAT</a> Changes - How to change test, test site, or test date](<a href=“]SAT”></p>