SAT Retake Causes Large Increase

<p>I have taken the SATs three times now. Here are my superscored totals after each test (they were all taken in the past year):
1) 2000
2) 2160
3) 2220</p>

<p>I did no prep in between these test sessions. I hope this gives hope to people who take the SATs for the first time and think their college dreams are crushed. Don't give up--many times, simply gaining the experience of sitting through real SATs can prepare you to show more of your real potential, and get the scores that you really deserve. </p>

<p>I'm also curious to see if what happened to me is common. So, if you'd like, post your SAT (superscored) progression over time.</p>

<p>No this is not common at all.</p>