SAT retake

<p>haha another should I retake question. </p>

<p>740 CR
790 Math
790 Writing</p>

<p>Total: 2320</p>

<p>This was for the March 2011 SAT</p>

<p>Although normally I would say this is good enough, I messed up on the CR this time and missed an easy vocab question, bringing my total to three wrong on CR.
Also should have done better in math.
That being said, should I try again and shoot for a better score, or hopefully a 2400, or should I just leave it?</p>

<p>Leave it. Spend your time and energy on ECs and your essays. You do not want the Admissions Committee to think you live for standardized test scores. Colleges want well rounded students, not "score whores."</p>

<p>It hardly matters if you score 2400 or 2320.The difference would finally come down to the rest of your application.Work hard to make a better application than give the SAT again.</p>

<p>mmk thanks. So anything above 2300 is good enough?</p>