SAT Retake?

<p>I'm an international student hoping for Ivies
SAT 2260
Reading: 780
Math: 740
Writing: 740</p>

<p>Math 2: 800
Chem: 800</p>

<p>I was wondering if I should retake a 2260? I'm disappointed with my math subscore but would my 800 in math 2 cover for my math score on SAT 1? </p>

<p>If this is in the wrong forum, please let me know, still new to CC</p>


<p>Because you are an international, it is just that more competitive. Plus, if you got an 800 on MathII, you are more than capable of getting an 800 on the SAT1 Math. I would take it again, as you have the potential to do better.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice</p>