SAT Retake

I’m in a little situation right now.

I just took the December SAT, and I got a 2340. (760 CR, 800M, 780W)

However, I’m aiming for the higher Ivies/Stanford, and was told by my school’s counseling office that to be competitive, I need 2350+, since I’m an East Asian male.

Any thoughts?

PS: It was second time taking it. First time was absolute trash since I took it basically no prep.

Not just 2350+, you need at least 2410+

The only way to get in is if you get a 2500 (out of 2400) so there is no hope.
I hope you realize that retaking a score that high regardless of what your ethnicity is will be an absolute waste of time. People overestimate the importance of SATs. Once Admissions Officers see that you have over a certain score, other parts of your application become more important.
I think you should read this from an MIT admissions Officer:

wait… I was being 100% serious…

It’s not a question of should you retake. It’s a question of why wouldn’t you retake. If you don’t, better prepare some amazing extracurriculars, because you’re community-college bound with a mere 2340. And to think you call yourself Asian…

Chill lol. You’re set for standardized testing.