SAT School Day

Hello everyone. First time post here. Does anyone know where we can find out more information about SAT school day test dates and locations? Our kid’s school does not administer the SAT tests and we are hoping to be able to test the test before May 2023. Thanks!

Dates are at SAT School Day - SAT Suite | College Board

I know of no site that lists School Day locations. Schools typically offer tests for students in their school - it’s not open registration with a list of test sites as with Saturday testing. You can call local schools, but IME, schools don’t generally offer testing to non-students.

Is there a reason to not use the public March 11 test date?

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My son’s school does not offer the SAT/ACT tests in school and he has a prior important commitment on March 11th. The closest testing centers where he could take the SAT on that date are 2 hours away each way. So the date does not work for us. Thanks for the response.

I don’t think there is a public list of schools that offer that since registration is not through CB. Best bet is to call around to any local schools and see if they will accommodate you (if they are even offering it which they may not - I know our school doesn’t do it).

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Thanks! Yes, will be doing some searching…