SAT score already reported...

<p>So I took the May SAT, and my parents made me pay for it myself. I also have to pay for the reporting of scores and college apps myself. I make decent money working at a restaurant, but I'm not loaded. So to save money, I decided to take advantage of the four free score reports. I reported the scores to Brown, Vassar, Whitman, and a school I have since changed my mind about. So I got my scores back a few weeks later, and I got a 2120. Certainly not too shabby, great for Whitman, but my ACT score, a 34, is better comparatively.</p>

<p>So I'll definitely report my ACT score. Brown and Vassar are my two tops schools (along with Bard, Skidmore, Barnard, Whitman, and Lewis and Clark, and University of Washington down the line), and they're certainly very competitive schools. If I don't take subject tests, will it be clear that my ACT score is the one I intend them to look at? I'm kind of worried about my SAT score hurting me especially for Brown, my math score in particular was not great. I'm kind of regretting sending in my score. Is this going to affect me? should I retake the SAT to show improvement?</p>

<p>It shouldn’t matter. Most schools just look at the higher score but I think both are still considered though. In other words, they’d worry if you got a 20 on the ACT and a 2200 on the SAT but in your case, I think they’d just look at your ACT score.</p>

<p>I’d like a more thorough answer from someone more knowledgeable though.</p>

<p>Colleges won’t have a problem recognizing that they should use your ACT in lieu of SAT + SAT IIs. </p>

<p>I wouldn’t worry because:

  1. They will take the highest score.
  2. A 2120 is by no means a bad score.</p>

<p>I would not recommend retaking the SAT.</p>