SAT Score... bad or good?

Math :: 660
Verbak :: 580</p>

<p>I am retaking in December for dual 700s... 1400.</p>

<p>Is this a crappy score?</p>

<p>No, but according to the kids on this site it is.</p>

<p>That is not a "crappy" score. It is well above the average. Keep in mind that when you read scores posted on this board, it may seem like everyone who takes the SAT is scoring in the 1400's, but most are not. Be proud of your scores, but if you think you can do better, then go for it.</p>

<p>I need to get into Princeton, Yale, or Cornell...</p>

<p>I have basically a zillion things behind my back... but really it is my SAT score that I just need to raise.</p>

<p>I don't think I can get into any of the three above without a 1350+</p>

<p>The following are my SAT scores:</p>

<p>May 2004: Math - 700
Verbal - 620</p>

<p>June 2004: Math - 740
Verbal - 610</p>

<p>October 2004: Math - 680??? (I'm definitely skeptical about that unless my erasure marks weren't complete)
Verbal - 670</p>

<p>My highest combined would be a 740 math and 670 verbal, for a 1410 composite score. I'm not pleased with my scores one bit - I wish I could get into the 1500s as easily as some of the students on this forum make it seem. However, since colleges accept your best verbal and math scores (regardless on whether or not they were obtained in one sitting), it makes it a lot easier for me, especially since my math score suffered an unexpected drop this month.</p>

<p>There are people who get into those schools without amazing 1600s, but they also went and saved entire countries from starving, I would imagine. Cornell is the easiest to get into, well, depending on what you want to go into. Raise it if at all possible. If you're a junior take the first new SAT, as the curve should be generous... Well... Maybe... You never know with CB.</p>

<p>Wait... Ivy Leagues take the best composite scores?</p>

<p>I thought the best score should be achieved in a single sitting.</p>

<p>yeah I am a junior and am going to take the new one just to see.</p>

<p>Why must you get into Yale, Princeton, or Columbia?</p>

<p>best score cumulative unless it says otherwise on their websites. this has definitely been discussed here before... search the forum.</p>

<p>Cause those are where the connections are. ;)</p>

<p>You mean for jobs? Best connections are where the alumni are most numerous and active. Penn State is probably near the top of that list for "best jobs achieved via alumni."</p>

<p>And Giovanni, my math scores have been known to fluctuate between 680 and 800. Only a few (8 maybe) wrong knocks you below 700.</p>

<p>No... just to meet people that are of importance.</p>

<p>Yea... That's proly true. HP for sure...</p>

<p>If you are looking for a good alumni network to get you jobs, the school for that is USC! There is a sense of unity amongst alumni there that would rival any school and the networking is amazing - even for internships. At the annenberg school of communication, one of their admissions reps told me that they have more scholarships than students - now that is a school with good connections! Check it out if that's all you want.</p>

<p>You NEED to go to those schools? I think you're focusing too much on the name. Do you even like them? They're kind of different...Anyway, lots of people with your scores get in, and if you say you have a lot of things behind you, then I don't see a problem.</p>

<p>Well it seems dozens of people here have 1400s and 1500s... it makes me crazy to think a 1240 doesn't even stand out... hell, maybe it's so bad they will accept it.</p>

<p>i know a 1240 is not bad in the fact that most of my friends have 1000s and 1100s... but i just want to get into an Ivy.</p>

<p>don't care how liberal or how many minorities are... cause a good education is all that matters</p>

<p>i tend not to look at the total/composite score. looking at your math and verbal - verbal, definitely needs a boost. math could do with a bit of one too.</p>

<p>I say retake if at all possible, but no, it's not a crappy score.</p>

<p>it's alright, but i would recommend some studying though. I went from 1130 to a 1400 (highest math+verbal) (with a lot of studies). so if you study hard, u'll do well!</p>

<p>i studied my arse off... but maybe i didnt do enough.</p>

<p>just got barron's SAT I book.</p>

<p>I am positive I can get a 650 on verbal and an 800 on math.</p>

<p>amensia i had pretty much ur exact scores in may 700 math 560 verbal and raised them to 800 math 660 verbal for this october...barrons is definitley the way to go for verbal, i didnt look at math, just had a good day i guess</p>