sat score choice

<p>they say that you can use score choice but they will consider your highest in each individual section. what is the point of using score choice then? I did the thing for college board to send the scores automatically for free ones they come in. should i delete that so i can use score choice?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure Princeton does not allow score choice (I applied last year). Most of the top tier universities don't let you use it. I would double check before trying to use score choice. I really don't think it makes a difference unless you have a really bad score mixed in.</p>

<p>Here is what the Princeton website says about score choice:</p>

Score Choice</p>

<p>Applicants are welcome to use the score choice option for standardized test score submission. Princeton will consider the highest individual section results across all sittings of the SAT Reasoning and the highest composite score for the ACT with Writing, as well as the two highest SAT Subject Test scores. We encourage applicants to submit all official test scores as soon as they are available.


<p>thats what i mean. if they will consider the highest sections will it really hurt if you just submit all the scores and because they will only "consider" the highest anyways. I guess at this point it doesnt matter since my application has already been completed</p>

<p>I would also like further clarification on this point as well. In my particular predicament, I scored lower on my second SAT. Despite this, one of the section scores on that SAT was higher than the score of the same section from my first SAT. Would Princeton completely disregard the lower section scores from the second sitting? Although Princeton claims it will only look at the highest section scores across all sittings, I'm worried they may be subjectively turned off by a lower composite score (specifically, 60 points lower).</p>