SAT Score Cut Offs

<p>Some colleges, as reported in some report published in 2009 by NACAC, 1 in 4/5 colleges did accept have sat score cutt offs as pre screening. Let us not include athlete recruits and multi millionaire donors.</p>

<p>So let us play a game with a hypothesis, observation and conclusion. Rules:
1. Let someone include an institute which he/she believes that has accepted none low SAT ORM.
2. Next person might refute the fact with observation, anecdote or example and prepare a fresh list and in the end we will have amazing list, never produced before. How does that sound?
3. Do report possible SAT score cutoffs.
4. You might report/include ACT cut offs but better not create mess.</p>

<p>I feel Harvard does not cut off sat scores, and may be Stanford does not too. because Some one posted in CC that with 1700ish that person made it to Harvard/Stanford/Brown. Worse was S/He was chinese/international. I hope she was not a troll.</p>

<p>I have some feeling that Princeton does. May not be true, though. May be 600/650 in all sections. If anyone with less than 650 has been admitted do report here. previous years or this.</p>

<p>I fear we might end up with at least one person with lower sats accepted. Ruining the observation part. Hope this works.</p>

<p>So heres my list:</p>

<p>Sat Score CutOffs:
1.Princeton (650 in all sections)
2.UChicago (650 in all sections)</p>

<p>Just copy the above list with addition or substration. To add, its completely personal feeling. To remove from Sat Score Cut Offs, give example by refuting.
And please no personal prejudice because you love the college or attend it.</p>

<p>Hope the adcoms will not take this as negative or ruining their prestige. Its a game after all</p>

<p>Thank You.