SAT score for Ivy League and top colleges

<p>I know this question has been asked many times before, but I really need your suggestions.
I have sit SAT twice, and my superscore is 2100
My highest individual score for each section is CR - 640, M - 780, and W - 680, with essay - 11.</p>

<p>So, is 2100 make me competitive for Ivy League and top colleges such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and MIT?</p>

<p>Or should I give one last try to improve my score beyond 2100?</p>

<p>Yes. But you would look much better with a 2250+</p>

<p>What you really want to look at is the interquartile range for SAT section scores at each college you are interested in, and you can find those with the College Board College QuickFinder online search tool. But this thread </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>may be of interest as well.</p>

<p>Thank you Lobzz and tokenadult.
The problem is that I seem unable to raise my CR score. The first time I sat for SAT I get 630, and the second time a 640.
And I seem to make a lot of mistake on the grammatical part of the writing section.
How can improve on this?</p>

<p>Okay, heres what you do for the Critical Reading part:MEMORIZE AS MUCH VOCAB AS POSSIBLE!!! I seriously cant stress this enough. As for the passages, THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE IN THE PASSAGE. Dont add to it from your general knowledge. </p>

<p>For writing: just revise some grammar.:)</p>

<p>you seem good to go for math. GOOD LUCK:D</p>

<p>Are you a native speaker of a language other than English? You will have to do a lot of varied reading in English to improve your understanding of the SAT reading section. Here's my FAQ on that issue: </p>

<p>READ, READ </p>

<p>To learn how to score well on a standardized test reading section, the number one piece of advice is READ, READ, READ, and READ. Read about what you like to know more about. Read things that are fun for you. Find books and magazines about interesting topics and read them. Turn off the TV and read. Put away the video game controller and read. Read hard things, and read easy things. Read a lot. </p>

<p>For years, I wondered why it came so readily to mind to write "READ, READ, READ" in all capital letters like that when I give advice on this subject, as I have frequent occasion to do. Recently, I reread the section "Suggestions for Study" in the front matter of John DeFrancis's book Beginning Chinese Reader, Part I, which I first used to learn Chinese back in 1975. In that section of that book, I found this passage, "Fluency in reading can only be achieved by extensive practice on all the interrelated aspects of the reading process. To accomplish this we must READ, READ, READ" (capitalization as in original).</p>

<p>I saw from your other posts that 1. you are an international student 2. you plan to reapply again 3. you only applied to ivies. It seems that it is more than your sat scores that are prevting your entrance to these schools. Also, for engineering, physics is very important, so if you do decide to reapply then definitely study for that one</p>

<p>Why did you only apply to ivies as an international??? </p>

<p>Also, if you dont mind, what country are you from?</p>

<p>These statistics come from admitted students and not enrolled students since enrolled students have generally lower scores as a group. All scores are averages from the 8 Ivies.</p>

<p>10-percentile: 1920
25-percentile: 2060
50-percentile: 2190
75-percentile: 2330
90-percentile: 2360</p>

<p>So to be competitive that would mean 2300+ and to be average is 2190. In your case 2100 would be in fact under the bar and lower your competitiveness. Good luck!</p>

<p>You should definitely get your SAT up, and perhaps consider some safety schools that don't have a sub-20% acceptance rate. I don't know if you've got incredible ECs or URM or something like that, but HYPSM can afford to turn away thousands with seemingly perfect apps. I got waitlisted from Harvard with a 2370--SAT is important, but there are so many other things they will consider.</p>

<p>i've seen cases in which some got quite low for Maths (below 600) but quite high for CR (>700) got admitted to top uni and colleges.
but are there any opposite cases? i mean score quite high for Maths but score quite low for CR..
because i fall in that category. i got 540 CR and 740 Maths in Jan..
and i just retook this morning (2nd May) and again i screwed up my cr sections.. i guess my cr score would drop to even lower than 540. but i'm quite confident in my maths. i hope i can get 780 or 800 for maths...
i'm aiming for unis and lacs in top 30, 40..</p>

<p>Carnegie and Berkeley is fine with those scores. Stanford and MIT are a reach</p>

<p>huh are you sure?
i saw the reading range of most top schools and even the 25th percentile was alr like >650..
that's why i'm feeling so hopeless right now :(</p>

<p>well i am saying it is within range without knowing your GPA/ranking/extras/and college essay. of course, top tier schools often use a combination of everything for admissions. But with your current score, i would definetely apply to all four of those schools. I wouldn't have too much hope in Stanford and MIT but I think you should definitely consider focusing your attention on Berkeley and Carnegie as your reach schools and pick a few other schools for safety</p>

<p>thanks alot comment2 :)
you light up my hope :)</p>

<p>I heard that colleges are starting to phase out of the SATs, which may work towards your advantage. As long as you have a solid GPA, ECs and Essays, you should have a chance. Remember that many applicants with perfect scores are turned away from ivy league colleges, proving that the SAT is not always the deciding factor for admission</p>

<p>I think the most important thing about college applications is, apply to anywhere you want to apply to(assuming you can afford it). Even if you know you won't get in. this way you will have no regrets and when you are like 40, you can tell your kids, yeah..i applied to Harvard. but i got rejected. and you guys can laugh about it.</p>

<p>haha, that's the problem.. i cannot afford it. i'm gonna apply for a huge amount of finaid. and especially i'm a foreign student..
school will think "should we give aids to a foreign student who scored damn low for CR"
that's what i'm concerned..
other stuffs like essay, recommendation, grade should be fine with me (i mean above average :) )</p>

<p>You, being international = diversity. Schools like that. I think you should get your scores a little higher, because most Ivys tend to look at CR and Math a great deal. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Have you tried the ACT? I have seen students that score high on the SAT w/verbal being the lowest but still decent, do very well on the ACT. I say try the June ACT. You never know. I just had a student take it cold and score a 34.</p>

<p>I completely agree with taking the ACT. I scored a 2150 on the SAT and refused to take it again so I took the ACT cold and scored a 33. I did not send SAT scores (only ACT) to the University of Pennsylvania and Brown and got in to both. I also know of a girl who scored in the 1300s for CR+M on the SAT but scored a 36 on the ACT. Good luck!</p>