SAT Score Increases - Wharton

<p>1st attempt:
700M, 650CR, 580W - 1930
2nd attempt (one month after first):
770M, 660CR, 640W - 2070
3rd attempt (four months after second):
730M, 720CR, 670W - 2120 (2160 Super-score)
4th attempt (one month after third):
800M, 690CR, 780W - 2270 (2300 Super-score)</p>

<p>How would this seem? I jumped from 1930 to 2300 in 6 months but I took the test 4 times (I knew I didn't realize my potential many of the times).</p>

<p>Your overall score shows an upward trend but your individual scores other than writing don't... that's not necessarily a good thing.</p>

<p>Make this thread after you achieve that last score.</p>