SAT Score Increases

<p>1st attempt:
700M, 650CR, 580W - 1930
2nd attempt (one month after first):
770M, 660CR, 640W - 2070
3rd attempt (four months after second):
730M, 720CR, 670W - 2120 (2160 Super-score)
4th attempt (one month after third):
800M, 690CR, 780W - 2270 (2300 Super-score)</p>

<p>How would this seem? I jumped from 1930 to 2300 in 6 months but I took the test 4 times (I knew I didn't realize my potential many of the times).</p>

<p>Your score increased gradually, so I don't think it's a big deal. It's not like you went from 1930 to 2300 in one month or something. Most colleges will weigh the highest score most heavily anyways.</p>

<p>To me, it seems as if you started your first SAT with no preparation, and maybe you were unsure of the exact directions or what exactly the SAT tests and that threw you off a little or took up time, but later you were more confident in what to expect, and that helped your score. </p>

<p>So basically, I would just guess that you weren't savvy enough to take practice tests or prepare at all before your first test, or maybe at all.</p>