SAT score jump from 1680 to 2390 in a few months???

Hey guys… I think I got someone else’s SAT score.

I took my SAT in march and did decent (1680) but decided to give it another shot because, well, why not? I’m not a particularly strong student so I expected an 1800 max and thought even that would be lucky. Consequently, I did a little bit of preparation but nothing too extensive or rigorous as I was already happy with my score. I mainly focused on learning grammar since that was my strongest point.

After taking the SAT in June, I felt a little confident with myself but, again, I only expected an 1800 max. The vocab was easy, the passages were a little clearer, the math wasn’t too difficult, and the grammar was exactly what I expected from my prep. I didn’t leave any questions blank.

The following 25th, my scores were withheld for investigation… A little sketchy but I figured it was nothing to worry about since it’s not like I cheated on the exam. Yesterday, however, I got an email saying my score was available so I went to check it - and lo and behold - I got a 2390! I knew instantly something was up and asked a friend of mine who’s super into academics about it. He said to trust the score since they did the investigation, but CB may have made an error, and to post on this website.

So here I am. Why did I get a 2390? Is this someone else’s score? Do I have to contact CB about this?

Also, a pic to make sure I’m not just delusional!

That is unbelievable, even I am dumbfounded. It’s not in my favor to judge you because of the scores…either you worked your butt off and that’s the score you deserved or something is really wrong with collegeboard.

My suggestion: take another practice SAT at home and see if you get into that 2200-2300 score range…if you do well then that may be your score…if not then that was a “very lucky jump.”

You could email collegeboard and ask about the scores again. Remember that collegeboard did make a printing error in their tests in June. However I have only heard of scores being decreased and never such a large gap in score ranges as yours. If I were you I would be very suspicious.

I have never heard of a case similar to yours. And it is very uncommon that cb made a mistake sending an incorrect score to someone. I may wait a little bit in case CB notices something strange. Otherwise, I will check again and email them.

Wow that’s amazing. you’ll probably get an email form CB about suspicious though so make sure you can prove that you actually did that well.

Honestly, I wouldn’t look twice at it :slight_smile: I don’t know where your gpa is at but you may have just made yourself a competitive applicant to many great schools and you’ve opened up your Financial Aid more too!
If they did an investigation then you are cleared, good luck to you!

It’s a huge jump but your case could be a rare case. This is the first time I’ve heard of such an improvement :slight_smile: It could also be that omitting those last 2 sections of the June test helped your score.

Like what someone else suggested, try taking a practice test and see how you do.
If I were in your shoes, I would just roll with it; it’s unlikely that collegeboard screwed up again, and maybe you got really lucky.

Lol don’t complain just take it

Take it and go. Just take it and go.

Unbelievable. I thought you were t r o l l ing and then looked at the imgur. Simply unbelievable…

I can see exactly why the OP is complaining. Why would you even want that score? A 2390? That SUCKS! Anyway everyone on CC knows that the only score that matters is a 2400. I’d definitely make sure to email the CB to notify them that you want a re-score. Bummer.

Wow this really makes me lose confidence in the June test even more. I got a questionable score that I didn’t believe but I just let it go because they rarely make mistakes. They should offer free rescores or give us the actual tests back or something. I would really want a rescore of my test but do not want to pay the fee.

I think you’re just really smart… Don’t underestimate your potential.

Wait so how about your essay score? Did you feel confident in your essay? To get a 790 in writing you must have had a decent essay right?

Take your score and run with it. You have done your due diligence. In the unlikely event that an error is discovered, you have documentation to show that you did not take undue advantage of a situation.

A smaller pool of questions naturally leads to more variance. Your improvement is extreme, but if the reverse had occurred and your score dropped by that magnitude, no amount of complaining would have erased it. So enjoy the score and use it to your best advantage with a clear conscience.

take it and run!