SAT score reccomendation to be reported for UC's

My Son who is a rising senior took the SAT last August and Oct. His scores were
Aug - 1550 with an essay score of 14
Oct - 1530 with an essay score of 21
Which SAT score should he report on his UC Apps

The 1550. Essay score doesn’t really matter.

UC’s will consider the highest total score for their admissions. On the application you report the highest score and date but you should send in both scores. UC’s do consider the essay score but the personal insight essays are far more important.

Thanks @Gumbymom and @2020violet

Adding on to this: My D took both ACT and SAT once each. She did better on the ACT. It looks like from the wording of the UC App that she has to report both the ACT and the SAT scores - is that correct?

@CAtransplant: UC’s recommend you submit all scores for either the SAT or ACT. Both test scores are not required. Have her just report the ACT scores.