SAT Score Report Deadline

<p>I'm about to apply ED to a school with the deadline on the 15th(Colby). I have yet to send in my score report, and now I'm wondering if it is too late to use the regular report. Do I need to rush my scores or will I be fine?</p>


<p>most people I know ,including me, said the sat score report took exactly 8 days to be sent and another 2 to actually get to the college.
so just check if Colby accepts materials after the deadline like many colleges do</p>

<p>Call Colby and ask what they prefer. While you're not applying to Princeton, their website EXPLICITLY TELLS STUDENTS NOT TO RUSH SEND SCORES as they get them just as quickly -- by downloading them from secure websites. </p>

<p>This seems to indicate that the "rush score" is a scam, to be frank.</p>

<p>I'm sure you will be fine, just send them today; rushing scores are pretty much a scam. Sometimes CB sends them in less than a day for some reason, I requested on 11/02 and they were sent to a particular school on 11/03. Best wishes!</p>