SAT Score Report

<p>Quick question - I'm registering to take the SAT IIs in May, and I have the option of selecting colleges to send my score report to. I'm currently a junior, and I have some colleges in mind, but nothing definite. Do I select colleges to send a score report to now, or do I have the option of choosing after I take the test when I'm actually applying to colleges? Also, does anyone know how much it would cost then to send the reports? Thanks!</p>

<p>You can request the scores be sent at any time. If you select them at the time you take the test they will be sent free of charge to up to four colleges.</p>

<p>Each date you take the test you will have this option.</p>

<p>Otherwise you can send them later on when you're actually applying to college, but it costs... I don't remember how much... I'm thinking $9 or $10 per school.</p>

<p>All the SAT and SATII scores you have will be sent together. You don't have to pay for each test score to be sent to each school -- just the one fee for a full score report.</p>

<p>If you select schools to send it to right now, it will be free. The catch is you wont be able to see your scores before you send them.</p>

<p>If you send them later, it will cost $9.50 per school.</p>

<p>I didn't know what schools I was applying to junior year, so I didn't send them until the last time I took SATs, since the reports include all tests taken.</p>

<p>It worked for me, but whatever you want to do.</p>

<p>You can send the scores to colleges after the test, but you get four free score reports with the test. They normally cost about $10 each. If there are four colleges that you know you'll apply to, I suggest you send the scores now. In a worst case scenario, either you don't apply and they ignore the scores or you retake something and send them new scores later.</p>

<p>You can just wait for the score to come and then send attested copies of it to all the colleges you want for free.</p>

<p>u can change ur college choices by the 2nd Monday after u taken the test. 4 free score reports!</p>

<p>Remember, though, if you send them now and then take additional tests that you want your colleges to see, you must send them again. While your score report includes the scores of all tests you have previously taken, College Board does not update them for tests you take subsequently.</p>

<p>So if you decide to take the SAT I in June or October, or another SAT II then, for example, you would need to send the new score reports to the colleges you sent your May tests to as well, in addition to sending them to other schools.</p>

<p>Oh okay, everything makes much more sense now. Yup, I'll wait until I take the SAT. Thanks everyone.</p>