SAT Score Sending

So I am applying to a few schools early action. The deadline is November 1. I just took the SAT and I’m taking another one this Saturday. I will receive the first score back October 9 and the second one October 16. Will this give me enough time to send my scores? How does that work? Do I press “send scores” on College Board? Do I just self report them on Common App? Let me know because I am very confused.

All colleges list the last acceptable test date on its admission site. For the vast majority of colleges, October scores are considered for EA/ED schools.

Whether the colleges allows self reporting vs an official score report varies by college. Again, that info will be detailed on the admissions sites.

First, check the accepted test dates for each school on their web site.

Did you use the free score send on your SAT application to send it to the schools? If so, they will usually receive it the same day you do (sometime a day earlier).

If not, you will need to manually send via the CB website. These typically are sent within a week, though the current pandemic has things slowed, so I don’t know the current reality.

Either way, put them on your Common App. Some schools, even more this year, accept self reported scores.

In general, October test dates are fine for November 1 deadlines. But check each school to be sure.

@skieurope @RichInPitt thank you guys, I’ll look into more specifics for my colleges.