SAT Score submission or not?

My SAT score is 1520, should i submit my score for ED at Brown University. Thank you for your time.

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I would say yes, for sure.

You are smack dab in the middle of the 25/75 (of those who submit) so it’s a no brainer - to me.

While 1520 is a great score, whether or not you should submit it depends on the relative strength of your overall application as compared to the test score, as well as the relative strength of your application as compared to other applicants from your school, area, demographic, etc. No one here has that information, so no one here is going to be able to give you an informed opinion on the question. I strongly suggest you speak to your college counselor.

The sum of Brown’s mid points is ~1500, so I’d certainly submit a 1520.

Your score of 1520 is great IMHO….

This question makes me sad for all you students out there :sleepy:……the stress of applications and focus on test scores is so much for young people……just because it is so, or has been for years, doesn’t mean it is right. Something just seems so wrong.

Yes. A 1520 is great anywhere. It will not detract from your application anywhere, and would help everywhere. The rest of your application is what will make or break you.

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I would totally submit it! That’s a great score and puts you above average in Brown’s application pool

Thank you all for the response.