SAT score vs. GPA

<p>What kind of SAT score should a student at the top of his/her high school have if aiming for top colleges??</p>

<p>A good score. Remember, a good test score and good grades aren't going to get you into a top tier school alone. I just read a blog by the dean of admissions of MIT where he explicitly states that he merely glances at your SAT scores to get a general impression of what kind of student you are. At top tier schools, it's all about selling the whole package and being a well-rounded, ambitious student. </p>

<p>Top schools admit people, not test scores.</p>

<p>2100 minimum, though being a valedictorian at a tough private school certainly means more than being a valedictorian at an average public school.</p>

<p>It depends on the school.
Top students at top schools typically score 2300+, top students at medicore schools typically score 2000+, top students at low-performing ones can score in the ~1500s.</p>