SAT Score- what should i do to increase?

<p>hi guys,
you probably know me from the ACT forum -- i am planning to take the SAT in march and i almost fell over in shock when I saw the score i got on the SAT (i did so much better on ACT practice tests)
here is my score (from the collegeboard practice test):
CR 740
WR 690
M 650</p>

<p>Which books (besides for the blue Official collegeboard book) would you guys recommend? Any tips/advice?</p>


<p>That's actually a great starting point. Don't stress yourself out too much.</p>

<p>Other than CB, I would highly recommend getting the two Princeton Review books -- Cracking the SAT and 11 Practice Tests for the SAT. I have both. They're awesome.</p>

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<p>Spend <em>some</em> time studying. It doesn't need to be every waking hour but any time spent should be used properly. Study your mistakesa nd understand them.
I went from an 1860 to 2180! It's possible.</p>

<p>Main advice: take a lot of practice'll eventually see every type of question they throw at you.</p>

<p>I recommend <a href=""&gt;;/a> for prepping</p>

<p>good luck!</p>