SAT score

If a student has the following SAT score and he is applying to the ivies for fall 2021, should he submit the score or not?

EBRW: 640
Math: 800

No. the hypothetical student should not submit a score below the college’s median for accepted applicants.

Should the student give the SAT again or leave it and focus on other things because it is optional for fall 2021?

Does the student have the potential to get another 60-100 points on the EBRW? I don’t think anyone can answer your question with any level of certainty.

The student is confident about scoring 720+ on EBRW and near perfect on Math

A 720 would be worth it as long as they don’t quit the ECs they’ve been doing.

Go for it because:

  1. 640 would be unusually low for the Ivies; and
  2. There seems to be a room for improvement (i.e. it is usually easier to go from 640 to 720 than from 720 to, let’s say, 780)