SAT scores/ED agreement issues (PLEASE HELP)

<p>I applied ED and had everything submitted by the deadline (11/10), however, looking at the admissions activity center now, I see two very worrying things:</p>

<p>1) My SAT scores have apparently not been received. I sent them 1.5 weeks before applying. I'm worried that it might be an issue with my name. (this is complicated, so bear with me): I was born "Meg B. K." (initials), but registered for high school under "Meg B." because of a family situation. I just realized that my common app is filled out under my legal name (Meg B. K.) and my SATs are under "Meg B."
Under the "preferred name" section of Common App, I put down Meg B., also, my counsellor sent my reports under Meg B. and the school received those.
Should I wait it out another week or email GW right away??</p>

<p>2) ED agreement shows up as not received. Is this normal? It showed up as completed on my common app because both my mother and I signed it.</p>


<p>ive been having the same problem. i called and they said that it takes 3 weeks to process stuff. dont worry about it</p>