SAT Scores for int. students


<p>I know this is such an over-asked question but I still want to ask it again..</p>

<p>I moved from France to the USA for my 10th grade. I took the SAT twice and my best was 2150 (superscore: 2170) with 780 in math, 700 CR and 690 writing.</p>

<p>I was wondering if international students living in the USA have more 'chances' being accepted (into Harvard for example) than other internationals living outside the States.. or is it all the same thing?</p>

<p>By the way, I didn't apply for EA because I didn't know what it was... ._.</p>


<p>If you are a green card holder than your chances are much higher, as you will be considered a domestic applicant (for whom quotas do not apply). If you aren't then it's pretty much the same...</p>

<p>As long as your SAT is >2000, I don't think it really matters if you're international or domestic. The school don't care if English is your first language. They want to know if you're capable of handling their curriculum, and SAT is a good indication. </p>

<p>But as College99999 pointed out every college has a quota for non-U.S citizens, so we're definitely at a disadvantage.</p>

<p>Sorry, let me just qualify my statement, for it may have sounded the wrong way: 2150 is GOOD ENOUGH (even better considering that you a non-native speaker). Rest assured that, if you don't get in, it won't be because of your scores. The question I was trying to answer is whether living in the US will help you to get in, and the answer is that it depends on whether you are now considered a US-citizen (green card holder) or not. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>Thanks college999999
But at the admissions, they won't think: "oh, that kid got 2150 and isn't a native english speaker, we'll give him credit for that" ? or will they just not care whether I'm french or not?</p>

<p>They probably won't care considering the number of foreigners who speak multiple languages and also excell in English.</p>