SAT scores issues. Please help.

<p>Alright so, I never received the scores for my December SAT. Basically, what happened was that I took it as a stand-by and I was told to mail the money and registration form after I got my scores on the 22nd. I had never tested as a stand-by, so I went along with what the man at the test center told me. Looking back, I feel like an idiot for not questioning this. The earliest I'll be able to mail the registration form is tomorrow, due to the fact that I'm on vacation, and I don't have the registration form and money with me. I wanted to send the scores to the UC's, but now it seems that it's too late.</p>

<p>What can I do in this situation?</p>

<p>lilrock23, I took the SAT as a standby too.. but haven't received the scores either! I'm getting really nervous. Believe me. My dad told me to wait until the 29th but I read on a thread that you can call college board and get your scores for 10$. I don't really know what your situation is, for I have payed it via credit card and it has already been billed. anyway.. hope I could help you.</p>