SAT Scores Pending

<p>I just re-took the SAT on the 3rd of this month and our scores came back on the 22nd. I sent out score reports on the 23rd, but it still says on my college board account that my scores are "pending". Apart from the sheer stupidity that it takes several weeks to send computer generated electronic reports, do I have no choice but to send rush reports now? It doesn't seem like my scores will arrive in time.</p>

<p>I'd rush them, but stanford gives you a break on elements of your app not controlled by you. one of my teacher recs got there on nov 9 for EA, and they told me they were actually ok with sat scores and recs arriving up to the 16th. call them if you wanna make sure, but I wouldn't be too worried</p>

<p>Yeah I would rush them as well. According to my counselor, they will still use them as long as they get them before they read your application, so assuming you're not on the very top of the pile you should be fine. And even if they do get them after, they can still put your application on hold if it's going to be a deciding factor (unless it's your first testing, it probably won't be).</p>