SAT Scores Question.

<p>How will we be notified of our scores for the Jan. SAT? This was my first SAT so I'm not quite sure. Will we receive them in the mail, or will they be accessible via our college board accounts?</p>

<p>They'll be available online on your CB account about 3 weeks after the test date. You should also receive them in the mail about 5 weeks after the test date.</p>

<p>Log in to your CB account. They have all the result availability dates -- for you, colleges to which you wish to send the score (if any), etc.</p>

<p>About that, HapHazard, how did you do? You seemed very nervous.</p>

<p>Thanks guys. @Fat_Nerd. Well during the essay I kind of blanked out(I generally score 11-12), and I only got to include 2/3 examples. I was a bit angry because I knew everything about my third example, but I couldn't think of the name of it. It was The Enron scandal. The writing MC was pretty easy. CR was Somewhat difficult. I had 3 CR sections back-to-back, so I was a bit flustered. I wasn't able to answer the last few, which I believe is due to pressure and what not so I'm not very optimistic. As for the math, I wasn't able to finish the last few either. I also made some very simple mistakes and contemplate with myself too much. Eg: the question about the line which I believe was the answer "8."I had 8, but went back and changed to 10. I'm just really hoping to break 2,000.</p>

<p>@Fat_Nerd thanks for checking up on me. Didn't you also take the SATs on the 28th? If so, how was it for you?</p>

<p>It was my third (and last) time, nothing new. Hoping to go from a 2220 in November to a 2300 this time. Good luck to you on breaking that 2000! Let me know on Feb 16.</p>

<p>Definitely bro, and same for you and the 2300. I'm sure you'll break it.</p>