SAT scores sent but not received?

<p>So I took the January and June SAT I, and the October SAT II (Chemistry and Math Level 2) this year and I sent them to a bunch of colleges in early October, so that they would reach the colleges by November 1 (Early Action).</p>

<p>It took about three weeks before the scores were sent out, but now I'm starting to get worried because it seems that none of my colleges have received them yet, and the college board website itself says "sent to 0 recipients". So did my scores get lost or smth? Or are they just really slow in updating who has received them? I'm worried that if the colleges don't have my SAT scores they'll defer my application to regular admissions, which I don't really want.</p>

<p>Calling college board would be kinda difficult for me because of the great time difference between our countries :/ </p>

<p>Thanks in advance for any help!(:</p>

<p>Oh in case anybody's wondering, the scores were sent on 26 October.</p>